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Brand communication

Optimize your brand exposure in China

Getting the word out there

A presence on social media and ecommerce is rarely enough to achieve success and building a brand in China.

We optimise exposure by creating high quality campaigns on paid media, through influencers and PR as well as working with live-streamers for ecommerce.



Paid advertising

Our social media experts operate, plan and strategize many social media accounts across all platforms. 

We deliver posting plans, report on all work carried out and engage with followers.


Our experienced content team have been creating high quality content for many international brands for years. 

They will help you find your right expression for you brand targeting the Chinese market.


Often it is not enough being active on social media posting content on a regular basis. To make an imapct and reach critical mass it is necessary to back up your social media activity with advertising spend.


Consistency is key

A key ingredient for success in the China's digital universe is the ability to create effective and on-brand campaigns across platforms and media. It is important to be able to deliver a consistant message across different platforms, formats and media with enough exposure to achieve critical brand awareness.

Since Chinese platforms in general are much more isolated from each other than what we are used to in the West, it is even more important to make sure that your efforts are coordinated, on brand, and designed to create as much synergy as possible.

We have experience creating impactful campaigns that really make a dent in the market. 

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Shanghai, China

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