Brand communication

A key ingredient for success in the China's digital universe is the ability to create effective and on-brand campaigns across platforms and media. It is important to be able to deliver a consistant message across different platforms, formats and media with enough exposure to achieve critical brand awareness.

Below are some of the areas we work with in order to amplify your brand in the Chinese digital market. Since Chinese platforms in general are much more isolated from each other than what we are used to in the West, it is even more important to make sure that your efforts are coordinated, on brand and designed to create as much synergy as possible.

We have experience creating impactful campaigns that really make a dent in the market. 

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing in China is not like other markets. Due to an increase in internet and social media usage, more people are becoming more isolated from traditional media buy that come with content from brands and celebrities. Influencers provide a direct line to consumers, who trust them. 

We help you connect with the right influencers and make sure their content is on brand.


Our public relations team is a wealth of knowledge, with many years of experience. We strive to develop unique and effective strategies that deliver quality placements and customize each program to fit your brand’s needs.
We can help you capitalize on this growing opportunity with an extensive network of industry leading publications that are eager to feature every aspect of your offerings.

Paid advertising

Often it is not enough being active on social media posting content on a regular basis. To make an imapct and reach critical mass it is necessary to back up your social media activity with advertising spend.

This will increase your following, boost reach and increase engagements. 

We create effetive paid campaigns across all  platforms.

Live streaming

As an extension of influencer marketing, live streaming has really taken off in recent years. The trust that influencers enjoy from followers combined with highly efficient ecommerce platforms has created a sales channel that has the potential to boost your brand's sales performance in China.

We help you navigate the pitfalls of the industry and execute highly successful live stream events.

Social media content

With activities on so many different social media and ecommerce platforms that are isolated from each other when it comes to user data, integrations and linking, it is necessary to use a third party platform that can unify data and track efficiency of marketing activities across platforms.

Social CRM platforms create a unified view of each user, tracking their activities across social media and ecommerce.


Localised branding

WeChat mini programs are mini apps that open inside WeChat with no download required. They are lightning fast, easy to access and easy share.

Many brands use mini programs in their online strategy in China. It can be ecommerce, loyalty programs, store finders, etc. 

Mini programs are an excellent way to enrich your followers' experience as well as your Social CRM system.

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