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China's digital landscape has developed quite independently of the rest of the world especially since the emergence of the Great Firewall. Many Western platforms are unavailable in China including all Western social media. This means that many of the peripheral platforms and tools often used in the West for managing and measuring online activites are irrelevant for China.

Data is usually quite transparent on Western platforms and cross-platform tracking can be done rather effortlessly. This is not the case in China. All the different platforms act as so-called walled gardens; any data collected on each platform can only be acted on in their ecosystem. Thus your activities on the different social media platforms run the risk of being disjointed and not optimally coordinated.

There are ways around these problems but they come at a higher cost and complexity than what we are used to. 

Social CRM

With activities on so many different social media and ecommerce platforms that are isolated from each other when it comes to user data, integrations and linking, it is necessary to use a third party platform that can unify data and track efficiency of marketing activities across platforms.

Social CRM platforms create a unified view of each user, tracking their activities across social media and ecommerce.


WeChat mini programs

WeChat mini programs are mini apps that open inside WeChat with no download required. They are lightning fast, easy to access and easy share.

Many brands use mini programs in their online strategy in China. It can be ecommerce, loyalty programs, store finders, etc. 

Mini programs are an excellent way to enrich your followers' experience as well as your Social CRM system.


Data transparency

It can be a challenge measuring the impact of digital campaigns in China. Many platforms are very opaque when it comes to data, others have excellent data tools. But it can be difficult to keep an overview when data is lacking and/or fragmented. 

With Social CRM tools and dashboards, we make sure that you always know what's going on in the market.

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