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About Leaf Digital

In a fast-changing world of unseen changes, yesterday's facts are often today's fallacies. Leaf Digital´s purpose is to help brands embrace the present and connect to the future of online retail, marketing and communication.


With offices in Denmark and Shanghai Leaf Digital is well positioned to help international brands realize their full online potential on all relevant platforms in the Chinese digital landscape. With a foot in each camp we have the unique ability to optimize your branding strategy in China walking the fine line between retaining the original brand DNA while adapting to the local market.


Working across online platforms and cultures we believe in meeting our customers where they are, no matter if the need is optimization of online sales, increased exposure on social media, localized branding or planning and execution of digital strategies on Chinese digital platforms.


We are platform agnostic. This means that we will tailor the approach to your needs. There is not one way to approach the Chinese market; sales channels, marketing channels and brand localisation all depend on your industry, global strategy and commitment to the Chinese market. 

Our objective is to help you succeed in China!

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Lyshøjen 8A, Office K6

8520 Lystrup, Denmark

Huaihai M. Rd. 527, 1005-1008

Shanghai, China

+45 24280912

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