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About Leaf Digital

In a fast-changing world of unseen changes, yesterday's facts are often today's fallacies. Leaf Digital´s purpose is to help brands embrace the present and connect to the future of online retail, marketing and communication.


With offices in Denmark and Shanghai Leaf Digital is well positioned to help international brands realize their full online potential on all relevant platforms in the Chinese digital landscape. With a foot in each camp we have the unique ability to optimize your branding strategy in China walking the fine line between retaining the original brand DNA while adapting to the local market.

Feet in both camps

With offices in both Shanghai and Denmark we are uniquely positioned to help international brands position themselves in the Chinese market.

We understand international brands and their challenges going in to China. We balance localizing your brand without sacrificing your international brand DNA.


Meet the team

Niels Christian Flintholm

Commercial & sales

Bjørn Ingwar Karlsen

Marketing & branding

Rasmus Ehrenreich Bengtsen

Data & operations

Ada Zhang

Projects & accounts

Lydia Li

Social media specialist

Suvi Sun

Graphic design

Working with the best

Get in touch


Frederiksgade 74C, 8000 Aarhus C

For inquiries, contact Niels Christian Flintholm

+45 24280912


Huaihai m. rd. 517, A1005, Huangpu District, Shanghai

For inquiries, contact Bjørn Ingwar Karlsen

+86 131 6602 9423

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