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Enrich your WeChat eco system

The WeChat platform enables you to expand and improve the user experience for your followers.

Mini programs can offer functionality to your users such as ecommerce, loyalty programs, store finders, etc. These can either be custom developed to specific needs or created through the plethora of template platforms on the market.

Social CRM platforms enables you to customize the individual user experience though tagging and labeling and segmentation, while giving you a wealth of data to work with.

Tailor made user experience

With social CRM systems and mini programs it is possible to make a completely tailor made user experience based on user profiles. Content can be segmented and achieve a much higher degree of relevance to the user.

Social CRM

There are a plethora of social CRM systems available to different industries. A social CRM can be an extremely powerful tool that helps you understand your users and deliver better and more targeted content, support, and sales.

The world of social CRM systems can be a jungle. We help you select the most suitable one, set it up, and manage it.

WeChat mini programs

WeChat mini programs are mini apps that open inside WeChat. It can be extremely useful as it eliminates the need to download native apps.​

They are extremely useful to deliver services directly to your users such as ecommerce, loyalty programs, food ordering, booking schedule, etc.

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