360˚ service

Our approach is a holistic one, our objective is to bring value to your operations. We do this by implementing a 360˚ approach to our efforts. We are not simply a media buy agency, analytics agency or strategy agency; we are here to optimise your online business.


We have vast experience doing this for a long range of clients both in the Western world, on the platforms we know and love, as well as in China where the online landscape has developed independently from the rest of the world.


In China, social media and e-commerce now overlap to such a large degree that it no longer makes sense to distinguish between them, and have become what we call social commerce. Social media and not search engines are the main touch points for brands. Therefore it is imperative that you have a holistic approach to sales channels, marketing and social media.


Whether in China or the rest of the world, the procedure is the same, though. We will optimise your strategy, UI, media buy, social media, retention and we will provide 100% data transparency with customized live data dashboards so you can always rest assured that we deliver the value that we promise.


360˚ strategy

We help you formulate a comprehensive omnichannel strategy. Our approach is 360˚ and we make sure all possible synergies are explored.



Use the super app to reach, engage and retain your customers in China. WeChat is the most important part of your online precense.



Use the hottest short video platform to reach your audience all over the world with a new and unique format.


Social CRM

Get to know your SoMe audience in China. Create personalised user journeys trough segmentation and profiling.

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We will help you get the best out of your marketing budget on all the most popular platforms; Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Conversion optimisation

Make sure that your website/app traffic converts. We help you optimise your channels and UI to increase profitability.

Platforms we work with

In order to deliver on such a wide plethora of services, Leaf Digital works with a number of online platforms. China's online seclusion has given rise to a unique ecosystem of platforms in China since most of the large Western paltforms are not accessible in China.

Thus platforms are normally either available only in the Western markets OR the Chinese market. The only exception to this is Douyin/Tikok. While they are two separate platforms, they are 1:1 alike in functionality across China/the West.

If you wish to know more about how we use these platforms, don't hesitate to reach out either through the contact form below or our email in the footer.

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