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Social media management

China is the world's largest social media market, with over a billion active users on various platforms. There is a huge potential for international companies looking to tap into the Chinese market.

However, operating social media platforms in China can be a challenging task due to the country's strict censorship laws and unique social media landscape. We help you navigate these challenges, while also adapting your content and strategies to fit Chinese social media users' preferences and behaviors. The rewards of operating successfully on Chinese social media can be significant, with the potential for enormous reach and engagement with a massive and growing audience.

Your local partner

Leaf digital is your feet on the ground in China. With offices in both Denmark and Shanghai, we are well equipped to handle all aspects of your social media operations in China. We often work together with local sales teams or distributors to make sure our activitties on social media is coordinated with other efforts. At the same time brand HQ will be able to control messaging and branding through Leaf Digital.

Registration & verification

Registering an official account on Chinese social media is not as straight-forward as we are used to in the West.

After registering an account it will need to be verified by independent third party agencies. This can often be a rather bureaucratic process. We will take care of this process as we have done for countless clients in the past.

Daily administration

We cover all daily administration to optimize performance of content and accounts in general.

We also make sure that followers are activated by engaging them in comments sections and taking their feedback seriously.

Strategy and reporting

The first thing we do is create an overall strategy for your brand both overall and on each social media platform. 

We set goals and formulate how we will reach them.

We create detailed data reports regularly to make sure you always know what's going on.

Our services

We work with all major platforms

The social media landscape in China is completely different from the West. Platforms have developed in isolation from the international eco system sincewestern platofrms are censored in China. Below is an overview of some of the Chinese social media platforms we work with.



The ubiquitous social media in China with over 1.2 billion users.

The platform is touches upon almost all aspects of everyday life. Messaging, sharing, payments, utilities, taxis, etc. 

An official presence on WeChat is a must.



With almost 600 million users, Weibo is an important part of the social media eco stystem.

Weibo is know for the virality of its content and is in many ways comparable to Twitter.

Xiaohongshu (RED)

Xiaohongshu (RED)

​Often described as China's Instagram, Xiaohongshu's over 300 million users come here for inspiration and sharing their everyday life.

Xiaohongshu is an ideal place to engage with influencers, who are very active on the platform.



The Chinese counterpart to TikTok. It has fast grown to be one of the most popular social media platforms in China.

Short video is the name of the game, and it is an ideal place to engage with influencers and followers.



Can be compared to a mix between YouTube and Twich. Where Douyin is the king of short videos, Bilibili focuses on long-form video content.

Starting out as an anime platform, Bilibili has evolved and is now a diverse and mature video platform.

Meituan Dianping

Meituan Dianping

​China's number one consumer and lifestyle platform. It features consumer reviews, vouchers, influencer interaction, etc.

This is the go-to platform when exploring the city and an excellent tool to boost O2O.

WeChat mini programs

WeChat mini programs

WeChat mini programs are apps that open within WeChat. They can be used for a wide range of functions such as ecommerce, loyalty programs etc.

They are easily shared across WeChat's ecosystem and open instantly without download.



Tmall dominates the ecommerce industry in China. Brands who are serious about doing business in China should be present on Tmall.

It is not an easy platform to navigate, and it is important to make sure that all marketing activities are coordinated.




China's digital ecosystem

China's digital development has been isolated from the rest of the world because of the Great Firewall. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. cannot be accessed from China. This has allowed a unique ecosystem of social media platforms to develop in China. Many of these apps have developed into super apps that can do everything from chatting, news feeds, payment, ecommerce, etc. 

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