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Powered by a youth culture increasingly focused on health, individuality and self expression, the Chinese market is seeing a surging trend of new and independent sport fashion brands. With it´s unique and iconic products and brand, hummel resonates strongly with this demographic and has created extraordinary growth in the market. 

Leaf Digital plays a crucial role in this success by managing all social media platforms, digital campaigns, and content.

Integrated campaigns

hummel has run a number of campaigns in China where celebrities such as Amber Liu, Lin Yun, the cast of Let's Go Farming, etc. 

Using celebrities to showcase styles is a great way to achieve massive exposure for hummel. When supported by a broader influencer push and social media content it can achieve critical mass and create a big impact.




We manage hummel's official presence on Chinese social media. hummel is active on WeChat, Xiaohongshu (RED), Weibo and Douyin. 


As a fashion and lifestyle brand, it is important for hummel's content and expression to be more heavily localized than other brands. Most content is locally produced both by leveraging Chinese influencers for content creation and local campaign production.

hummel on social media

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Frederiksgade 74C, 8000 Aarhus C

For inquiries, contact Niels Christian Flintholm

+45 24280912


Huaihai m. rd. 517, A1005, Huangpu District, Shanghai

For inquiries, contact Bjørn Ingwar Karlsen

+86 131 6602 9423


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