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We help hummel localise their brand and collections in China as well as managing all branding activities in the market



Heinemann duty free

We help Heinemann Duty Free connect with their Chinese customers worldwide through social media and advertising.



We help Tempt increase their brand awareness in China through social media activities, advertising and influencers.


Strategy & insights

The Chinese market is uniquely different to Western markets. We help you avoid the pitfalls of entering and operating in China.

Also, we assist in adapting your brand to the distinctive context of the Chinese market.


Social media marketing

In China, more than anywhere else, social media takes the center stage when it comes to marketing your brand.

It is absolutely necessary to have a strong precense on social media platforms and employ influencer collabs for increased exposure.


Digital solutions

For an optimized presence on the Chinese platforms it is often necessary to use tailor made solutions such as integrated Social CRM systems, mini programs for WeChat, H5 campaigns, data tracking, etc. 

About us

Leaf Digital is a digital communication agency with a focus on the Chinese market.

With offices in both Denmark and China, we are in a unique position to truly understand a foreign brand in the Chinese context. We know how to walk the fine line between maintaining your brand's DNA while adapting it to the Chinese market.

Our expertise in Chinese social media, ecommerce and the digital ecosystem enables us to effectively market your brand to your users. 

We deliver a truly holistic solution to your digital branding needs with the aim to accelerate your growth in China.

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