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The Central Features of WeCom

Updated: Feb 20

WeCom presents an optimal solution for businesses seeking efficient communication, customer engagement, and office management tools. Its seamless integration with WeChat, data security features, and the ability to manage customer relationships make it a valuable asset for companies of all sizes operating in China. In this article, we have listed some of the central features of WeCom.

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Connecting with costumers on WeCom

WeCom provides a wealth of opportunities and features for engaging with customers, making it a valuable tool for businesses. From the customer's perspective, WeCom offers a seamless experience. They don't need to download the WeCom app to interact with a sales associate who uses it. Here are some key ways in which WeCom facilitates customer engagement:

Ad and chat with costumers: WeCom offer four convenient methods to connect with customers. You can scan their WeChat QR code, add them using their phone number, import contacts from WeChat, or send them invitations within WeChat. Once connected, you can easily correspond with customers, and your messages sent via WeCom will automatically appear in their WeChat inbox. Furthermore, WeCom offers another feature that is not available in WeChat. On WeCom the sender of a text is able to see if the receiver has read or not read their message resulting. This user-friendly approach benefits both parties, ensuring smooth communication.

Moments: WeCom users can publish product introductions and activity information directly to customers' moments. When customers visit a WeCom user's information page, they can view their Moments. This feature allows businesses to share essential content with customers without posting it on their personal WeChat moments.

Group Chats: WeCom allows the creation of group chats accommodating a maximum of 200 people. This feature facilitates communication with multiple partners and customers simultaneously or for internal use, facilitating efficient information sharing among colleagues on specific projects or across the entire organization.

Customer Groups: You can easily create customer groups, each accommodating a maximum of 500 people. WeCom's 'Group Message Send Assistant' empowers users to send messages like greetings, announcements, and files to customers within these groups. Customer groups come in handy when you want to engage with specific customer segments. For example, by creating a customer group for your B2B segment, you can tailor content and news specifically for that group, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to customer interaction. WeCom's versatile features empower businesses to build stronger customer relationships and streamline their communication strategies.

Costumer information belongs to the company: With WeCom, companies no longer need to send customer data through personal WeChat accounts, significantly reducing the risk associated with data transmission. Another key advantage of WeCom is the way it handles employee turnover. In traditional systems, when an employee leaves, they often take valuable customer relationships with them. WeCom, however, takes a different approach. Customer lists are owned by the company, not individual salespeople, guaranteeing that customer relationships remain intact even when team members move on. This means that reassigning customers to new team members can be done seamlessly without the need for confirmation, ensuring that business operations continue smoothly and customer engagement remains uninterrupted.

Easy and secure file storage and file sharing

WeDrive: WeDrive is a standout feature within WeCom that enables you to create and share resources while uploading files in real-time. This functionality streamlines collaboration within your organization, making it easier than ever for team members to work together on documents, projects, and more. WeCom takes the hassle out of managing company files by providing a centralized platform for all your document storage needs. No more digging through emails or shared folders to find that crucial file. Instead, you can keep all the company files neatly organized in one place. WeCom offers 100 GB of free storage space, ensuring that you have ample room for your documents, images, and other essential data. For those with even greater storage requirements, WeCom offers expanded storage options available for a monthly fee. WeCom also offers a wide range of free templates, that cover various document types, from reports and presentations to spreadsheets and more.

Data security: WeCom places a strong emphasis on data security, providing robust file encryption and access controls. Your company's sensitive data is safeguarded with the highest standards. WeCom holds certifications from international authorities, including SOC2 Type 1 Report and ISO/IEC27018, attesting to its reliability and commitment to protecting information. This differs from WeChat, that doesn’t have to live up to the same date safety standards.

Company Pay

WeCom's Company Pay feature simplifies financial transactions for businesses by allowing seamless integration within the WeCom app, eliminating the need for personal WeChat Pay accounts. Enterprises can bind WeChat payment merchants in WeCom, streamlining payment collection from WeChat customers in a corporate context. This feature ensures payments are directly collected into the corporate account, enhancing efficiency, security, and financial transparency. It represents a significant advancement in financial management, eliminating complexities associated with using personal accounts for corporate purposes, making payment collection more efficient and secure for businesses.

Efficiency tools and office applications

Video conferencing: WeCom offers a video conferencing solution, enabling seamless virtual meetings and collaboration. With features like screen sharing, chat integration, and high-definition video quality, teams can connect effectively, regardless of location. This functionality streamlines communication and enhances productivity by facilitating face-to-face interactions in the digital realm.

Live streaming: WeCom empowers businesses to reach a broader audience through live streaming. Whether you're hosting a product launch, a company event, or sharing important updates, WeCom's live streaming feature allows you to engage with your audience in real-time. With integrated chat and interaction options, you can connect with viewers, answer questions, and gather valuable feedback during your live broadcasts.

Scheduling and meetings: WeCom's features simplify scheduling, allowing you to create and schedule meetings seamlessly. You can send invitations to participants and integrate with your calendar app for easy planning. During meetings, features like screen sharing, file sharing, and collaborative tools enhance communication and decision-making.

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